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Tapping Techniques…

Learn EFTWhat I love about tapping techniques is that anyone can do it… anyone!  You can learn it even off the Internet!  Even with just a little bit of knowledge Tapping techniques can successfully help you with:

  • Stress, worry
  • Fears, anxiety & phobias
  • Pain relief and emotions associated with pain
  • Anger and any strong negative emotions
  • Cravings/addictive behaviours
  • Improve physical & mental performance
  • Resilience – helping you through hard times

For the more serious conditions such as PTSD, Depression, severe anxiety conditions, compulsive behaviour and such, Tapping can also help you.  If this applies to you, you are best contacting an experienced practitioner for assistance.

In my practice I use a number of techniques (such as EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting and Faster EFT) and while you may want to know how to do all of the various techniques now, it’s always good to start with the basics first.

Learning EFT is fun!  The benefits of learning EFT include:

  • Having a technique you can use on yourself anywhere, any time and any place
  • Being able to help your partner, kids and family members
  • Getting control of your “emotional climate”
  • Releasing your body of old emotions (feeling the weight lift from your body)
  • Cuts down on how much you have to spend at the Doctors, Counsellors, Psychologists!

For a start you can grab a free copy of my “Healing with Tapping” ebook.  It has:

  • 50 pages of detailed instructions taking you through the theory and the process
  • it gives you some added tips for what to look for,
  • ways of busting old beliefs and
  • how to use some other tapping techniques on yourself!

All for free!  Just pop your details in at the top of this page and you’ll be directed to where you can download it instantly!

If you want face to face training, then lets start with learning EFT…

Learn EFT in a Workshop…

There are three levels of training though the first level is for anyone and is the foundational techniques that help 80% of everyday issues and problems. The other two levels are for people who wish to use this technique to help others such as counsellors, mental health practitioners, medical practitioners, occupational therapists and other health practitioners.

EFT – Level 1 – Foundational Techniques

In this course you will learn:

  • How to change negative beliefs
  • How to overcome fears and phobias
  • How to work with physical pain
  • How to work with specific traumatic events – past and present
  • How to alleviate strong emotions such as anger and grief
  • How to test your results
  • How to work with cravings/addictive behaviours
  • How to teach EFT to children or work with children and animals

EFT is a powerful personal healing tool which has grown from one psychologist’s discovery into a grass roots movement – where everyday people like you and me can benefit and heal yourself!!

This course meets the AAMET requirements for Level 1 EFT training.

For more details on the next upcoming EFT workshop with Vanessa, check out the events page (on Bookings are essential and places are limited (to ensure I can give you a quality training experience numbers are restricted).

EFT Level 2 – Practitioner Level

This course is essential for those who work in a field which aims to help people with their physical and mental health.

This weekend workshop is taught through demonstration and practical exercises and there is flexibility and generous time for discussion and questions arising from your experiences since level one.  We cover:

  • More about the effects and the neuroscience of traumatic memory
  • EFT techniques for clearing trauma effects such as the Tearless Trauma technique and the Tell the Story technique
  • The EFT gentle techniques namely, Chasing the Pain and Sneaking Up for when directly accessing the problem could lead to an emotional overwhelm or re-traumatising
  • Techniques for finding Core Issues or the earlier experiences that set a pattern of response.
  • Implicit and explicit memory and how emotionally held memories are triggered.
  • Testing results. How we can be sure that our work is complete and give the client confidence that change has taken place.
  • Gary Craig’s concept of the Palace of Possibilities which gives us a model for working with EFT to free ourselves from limiting beliefs arising from childhood experience.
  • How to help others with EFT by phone or Skype and how to decide if distance work is appropriate.
  • Using EFT for groups and the Borrowing Benefits process.
  • Helping animals with EFT
  • Creating & using Mr Magic Buttons Bears for helping children using EFT
  • Small Group EFT Training

After the workshop you are required to submit two case studies and the workshop price includes an (optional) telephone review session to support you in learning from your experience and building confidence in using EFT.  Once your case studies are accepted your AAMET Practitioner certificate will be issued and you can list on

For more details on the next upcoming EFT workshop with Vanessa, check out the events page (on Bookings are essential and places are limited (to ensure I can give you a quality training experience numbers are restricted).  Participants need to have completed the level 1 foundational workshop with a qualified AAMET trainer.