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Mental as Anything Podcast

Join Sharon Chisholm ( and Vanessa Lewis ( and as we use humour and our personal experiences to discuss all areas around mental health, mental illness and aim to reduce stigma and raise hope.

If you'd like to join us or ask us to cover a topic close to your heart, please contact us to start a conversations.  You can email us or join us on our Facebook page where you can send us a message. Connecting with other like minded souls is one of the best support you can offer yourself and that is why we started the Mental as Anything podcast... so don't be shy!  We'd love to hear from you.

Episode 1


Episode 2

Today's Mental as Anything podcast is about a subject close to home for both of the presenters... Anxiety. Let's talk about the symptoms, the signs you have it and what you can do when you're in the grip of an anxiety attack.



Episode 3

This week, on the Mental as Anything podcast, we talk about stigma, what it is and how much is holds us back from getting the help we need. The stigma around mental illness sucks and prevents all of us from being the best we can be. Support is needed, not judgement. Find out why here...