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Vanessa Lewis

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Why choose Vanessa?

Your life will be changed forever.   I practice what I teach/preach because I am passionate about changing lives, including my own.  I’ve sought out and used the best methods and tools to help myself and my clients and you’ll benefit from my experience and knowledge.

You’ll feel relaxed and reassured by my empathetic and compassionate approach.  Have you ever sought help from someone but felt completely uncomfortable in their presence?  Or felt like you were being judged?  Well that never happens with me. I aim to make you feel at ease because I’ll never judge you.

My life experience is the key to your positive experience.  I have successfully worked through my own problems (many of them are probably quite similar to yours!).

You will get an individual approach based on my extensive experience.  There is no ‘one size’ fits all with my approach, you get something that is tailor-made for your specific personality and problem.  You are an individual, and that’s why our approach must be too!

You benefit from my array of services.  I don’t just offer one form of approach that was taught by one university or school of though. I am skilled in various techniques and modalities, which means that you have the collective force of natural therapies working for your specific issue.

Your money is not wasted on empty promises.  Like you, I am conscious of how I spend money.  Rest assured, the money you spend with me will make a positive difference to your life.  The question is, what is the cost to YOU if you continue to live with your current problems?  Will you be sad?  Will you be living with pain or traumatic memories?  This can cause immeasurable long term damage, and yet the solution is absolutely priceless.

You won’t ever feel alone because I’ll stick by you.  Everyone has a different path toward happiness, health and success.  When you see me, you will be starting your journey at a different place to everyone else.  That doesn’t matter because no matter where you are, I will stick by you and I’ll travel by your side toward your fabulous future.

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About Vanessa Lewis

Vanessa Lewis is a passionate environmentalist, communicator and Results coach with over 20 years experience in the Government and Private Sector.  Her varied career has encompassed project management, management, change management, counselling (family, individual and teens), coaching (parents & individuals) and holistic emotional & physical healthcare.

Whist working for the YWCA, Vanessa really excelled and loved working with families and adolescents to change their relationships with themselves and others. She is passionate about the concept of mindfulness peaceful parenting – which simply means to parent with awareness of your emotions and of the others, to know what emotions are behind your reactions and about having a choice about how you react.

Whilst Counseling and Coaching individuals and in her own healing path she made the connection between unresolved emotions (old traumas) and the impact of these on our health. She discovered EFTMatrix Re-imprinting, Family Constellation Therapy and BodyTalk and hasn’t looked back. What she also loves about using these tools is the fact that it is 100% safe, no prescriptions, supplements or gimmicks!

A lively and energetic speaker, Vanessa speaks on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • How to create and achieve inspirational goals
  • How to create a peaceful family life
  • How to love 2 live your life
  • Sustainable healthcare using simple energy techniques
  • Understanding the Effect of Energy in Your life, family and business.

Vanessa Lewis

Vanessa has certifications in:

  • Diploma in Counseling and Communications
  • Master NLP certification
  • EFT Practitioner level 2/3
  • Master EFT Trainer
  • Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner
  • Parent Effectiveness Trainer
  • Circle of Security (TM) – Attachment theory and assessment
  • Trauma informed – Transformative Model of Therapeutic Change
  • Family & Systemic Constellation Therapy
  • Certificate IV in Training & Workplace Assessment

Vanessa is a member of the following associations:

  • Association for the Advancement of Energy Therapy
  • International Systemic Constellations Associations