I just finished watching the documentary below and it was well worth the hour of my time. It is about the painful crossroads we are at in at this stage human evolution and looks at it from a scientific, psychological and sociological view. The questions it raised in me personally  are… What am I going to do? What change do I want to see in the world? What opportunities are open to me?

A Parenting Course that helps shape the world?

Now if you haven’t figured it out yet, my passion is parenting… and I don’t just run a parenting course that deals with skills and strategies… my underlying message is about building real connection with our children… authentic, open, loving, respectful, compassionate and empathetic connection. With that firmly understood and experienced how can we slip into a mind fog believing that our children are little rat bags, or disrespectful, ungrateful and selfish little devils? How can we go into competition with them for power, attention and validation? We simply can’t!  We see their actions for what they actually are and not behind a fog of emotional baggage AND unhealthy socially acceptable parenting beliefs around power struggles!

If we learn how to consciously parent and promote that emotional connection with everyone and thing around them then we raise amazing children that also live in this world with more consideration for the whole and not just the individual.  Children that grow into people who can work together and see each other as part of a whole system.  People that can consciously examine what is good for the whole and set healthy boundaries around those who want to hurt the system (which our governments are doing at the moment).

So help me out here… we only need enough like-minded parents, like you… that can begin to change the way we all parent.  To bring up emotionally intelligent, community minded and connected young people to be more compassionate and cooperative in this world.  Let’s shift from competition for good!  The first step for you may be just to watch this movie… one hour… skip TV tonight and watch this instead!  Then think about what difference you want to see in this world…


And if you looking for a parenting course that is about building the relationship and raising emotionally resilient and compassionate children, then I have a few spots left… but you’d better hurry.


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  • accessible on your smartphone
  • download able replays available
  • access to private chat room and group

Peaceful Parenting Online Course


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