In my (dream) ideal world children would have an understanding and a language around both the facts of the world and also the emotions of the world…

The inner and out world that is… what is happiness, what is frustration, what is grief and so on.

We teach our children academic subjects and some creative subjects but we don’t focus a lot on our emotional well being.

Why not?  It’s what makes or breaks us in the end.  It’s where we find happiness and how we get it, that drives happy people!

There are very rich people in this world with many emotional and mental health problems that make them unhappy.

There are very “poor” people in this world that have very little in the way of possessions and yet happiness in abundance.

So money doesn’t equal happiness.  And yet schooling can focus a lot on academics and getting a job/career for life.

Children need a language around emotions and they need to also identify what makes them happy.

Then they need permission to go after happiness… instead of marks that mean nothing once you leave school.

Showing them the art of happiness and why it’s so important for them (shown with loads of empathy and consideration of others around them of course.. but you’d teach them that, right?) means you’ll be setting them up for happiness in their life.


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