If you’re an EFT Practitioner or even just a natural therapist aiming to be successful in your business then you need to hear from Krista Jane.  Krista has a successful business, writes for blogs and magazines, runs international retreats and helps people find their passion in their life and make a living from it.  She began about 4 years ago having landed in Sydney with no family, friends or connections and within a year had a successful practice going.  She knows what’s she’s talking about…  You could learn a lot from her…  She has courage and she has what it takes to turn anything into a success.  I love her honesty and her spirit.

This recording was made last year as a run up to an event we were both part of, since then, she’s only doing better!

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For more about Krista Jane, pop over to her website – www.kristajane.com.

Becoming a successful EFT Practitioner takes more than just skill, it takes business sense and loads of courage to get out there and approach new markets.  The first thing you do need to master is your 30 second speech… the response you give to that casual “So what do you do?” question.  The rookie mistake is to mention the word EFT practitioner or tapping or anything else that describes the technique.  It’s not about the technique!  It’s about what you can do for them.

For example, my answer to that would be “I help people overcome their barriers to being a calm and in control parent.  So that when their little one starts exerting their independence or even just testing their boundaries, as a parent you can react in a way that helps redirect them into more appropriate behaviour.  That way the parent child relationship and bond is strengthen and not damaged because of a negative response.  I also help individuals with their own relationships with others and themselves too.  Everyone has challenges in different areas and what I do can address many issues.  It goes way beyond just listening to their problems, it actually deals with the cause and releases it!”

Successful EFT Practitioners promote what they can do for others and not how they do it.  People want results and whether it’s EFT or any other therapy, they really don’t care.

For help formulating your 30 second speech, why don’t you drop me an email and we can brainstorm it together!

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