As a parent you can get caught up in the daily process of mothering, work, house work, business, clients and many other things and forget to take time out for yourself. Well August 2011 is my creative month.

I’ve been listening to clients, friends and family and have heard that it’s hard to make a commitment to learning tools to creative a peaceful environment at home because our lives are so chaotic and fast paste. So short, sharp, just in time parenting workshops have been asked for. Now I have the task to stop… listen and act.

August will my creative business month this year where I hope to come out with at least 2-3 workshops that deliver peaceful parenting techniques combined with emotional freedom from our emotional triggers (those little buttons our children, partner and work collegues push that make us frustrated, yell, use “naughty words” and cry).

This month will also be about stoping and listening to me. To do this I am committing myself to some daily rituals that, just like brushing my teeth daily, give me mental health.


Stretching – my body and mind
3 minutes of creative mind mapping
Tap! – EFT on any little fears and doubts
Gratitude for my family, friends and life in general

That last one is the most important because without that life goes straight back into treadmill mode. Besides, it’s amazing what you can see and appreciate just by stoping and looking. Living in the moment!

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