Great EFT Practitioners are artists

Being a good EFT Practitioner is possible just by practicing on your own and working it out for yourself…. being a GREAT EFT Practitioner means you are prepared to do what it takes to expand your experience, learn from others and apply that with guidance.

If you’ve invested in yourself and upgraded your skills so that you now have done the basic, practitioner and advanced practitioner training for EFT… joined the largest EFT Practitioners association (AAMET) and maybe, like me, you’ve done more training in advanced energy techniques such as Matrix Re-Imprinting, Faster EFT and more… then you’re ready!

Now to make it happen!

Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind:


Step 1

You are a business and not just a practitioner – so you need to promote yourself! If you have a problem with that, tap on it!


Step 2

Identify who you want to help, make it specific (hint: pick a niche that you relate to because you’ve healed from it!) and ensure all your promotional materials speak directly to your ideal client.


Step 3

Understand your responsibilities as a helper – practitioner requirements, supervision, self care and client care – check out the International AAMET Practitioner Requirements.


Step 4

Be accessible to your clients – make it easy for them to find you! But…Use your marketing dollar wisely! Don’t waste it on print material and ads in newspapers where your ideal client will never find you! Remember, Google is now the number one way most people search for help and information – make sure you will be found in Google!


Step 5

If you’re really serious about expanding your skills, then go to conferences, additional training and attend or setup a tapping group locally (check out

Here’s How I can Help you Become a Great Practitioner


Practitioner Mentoring

AAMET requires practitioners obtain supervision from someone who has more experience than you.  This helps you progress in your skills and also helps insure your clients get the best possible care.   Never get stuck again on a client’s issue!  Ask someone who’s been doing this work way longer than you, that can help you to see the issues you’ve missed, the approaches that work and expand on your skills.

What’s involved:

AAMET have mandated that you undertake no less than 6 hours of mentoring per calendar year.  During your mentoring time, you discuss client cases (no names required), and talk about your challenges and issues related to the case.  The purpose of supervising is to confirm your approach, offer suggestions and help you brainstorm new approaches to client issues.  This is especially important if you feel you are going even a little bit out of your depth.  I’ll also help you to identify any personal triggers and issues that you need to address, however, this will not be the focus of the sessions.  It will be up to you to ensure you address any personal issues within your own personal peace procedure or with another practitioner.

Contact me to setup your AAMET Practitioner mentoring sessions.


Many practitioners are fantastic but struggle with marketing because they find it hard to promote themselves, what they do and how they can help.  It also seems that marketing has become more challenging due to the instant connective world we live in now and having adds in the local newspaper and yellow pages may not be working well for you anymore.  The public wants to know about you first… they want to know if you’ve got the goods and if you can be trusted.  So you need to be real, authentic and speak from your heart to your ideal client.

If you find it challenging to market yourself then get some help!  Talk to others who have succeeded!  Be prepared to engage in all your skills – public speaking, writing and recording.  Also understand that there are marketing approaches that work and don’t work.  Find out the pit falls and save your time and money!

If you need some coaching on what to do and how to do it, then contact me and I’ll help get you going.

Getting Your Own Website

Having a website that promotes your work is essential!  Your website should reflect who you are and who you work with.  It often becomes the first experience the client has of you, so it’s important that it’s real, authentic and clearly laid out.  It also needs to be connected to social media, (such as a Facebook business page – not a private one!), so you can create a network and spread your love and energy to the people who resonate with you.

If you’re technically challenged but internet savvy, then have no fear, there are solutions for you!  What would you say to having a website that you could easily update yourself, add blogs entries, articles and pages and automatically connect it into social media for greater exposure?  That had the ability to help you grow your network of ideal clients so you could reach out and tell them what you have to offer easily?  Well it not only is possible, it’s relatively easy to set up for you and will not cost the earth.  If you’re interested in looking into this, contact me and I’ll explain how.

Investment time!

If you’re an EFT Practitioner with AAMET and looking for some help with either building your business or supervision with your clients, this can be done in person, on the phone or via Skype.

$95 for one hour session

$140 for 1.5hr session

$500 for 6 sessions (6 hours total for AAMET supervision requirements)

To book, please contact Vanessa

For website costs – this will be quoted on an individual basis and you will be provided with options for the level of service you want.   Contact Vanessa to discuss.  The website developer is my partner who has plenty of experience helping therapists and practitioners get the results they want with minimal fuss!  He also is a en exceptional trainer who can turn that technical jardon into something you will understand easily!