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I had an amazing experience on Friday and one that I want to share with you because it relates directly to understanding the dynamics of family and family roles!  I interviewed Jonine Lee Gabay who is the principal of Family dynamics understood through family constellations-Jonine LeeCore Connections Training and a directory of Breathworks Training International and president of the Australian Breathwork Association.  Her experience in relationship counselling and family and group dynamics stretches over 20 years and she travels over Australia conducting Breathwork and Family Constellation workshops and training.  Jonine shares with us her own personal experience and her experiences with other parents when they discover that the family roles are out of balance.

Family Constellation Therapy is something I discovered when I was undertaking BodyTalk training.  BodyTalk recognises all factors that can affect a persons physical or mental health and Family Constellation came up when the body indicated that something in the dynamics the family was impacting on the client’s current issue.  By addressing the issues within the family, which in many cases meant re-establishing the family roles as nature intended, the issue for the person was improved (including illnesses and pain).

In my first experience, participating in a Family constellation session, there was  one fellow (that no one knew in the workshop) that volunteered to layout his family dynamic including any past significant relationships, family members who were alive or who had passed away and anyone else who was important to the family.  I was chosen to step into the position of his son.  The experience was spectacular to say the least.  I, and everyone else in the family constellation session, could feel the energy of the person we were representing and could relay what they were feeling in relation to the principal person and to everyone else around them.  When everyone had a chance to express their experience and thoughts, the facilitator asked the fellow (who’s family this was) how accurate a picture we had identified.  He answered 99.9% right!  And we didn’t even know him!  I knew then that this was a powerful therapy and could help so many people understand why they and their family had problems and where they may have stemmed from.  These problems could related to areas including relationships, abundance, poor health, self esteem and many more.

Since then, I have experimented with individuals who were getting bullied, dysfunctional workplace teams, individuals who wanted clarity around a family issue and I continue to see the power and immediate effect it can have when you resolve the imbalance in the family dynamic.

Interviewing Jonine was my chance to learn more than the basics that I had picked up already.  In this interview she gave me a clear understanding of:

  • the ideal family dynamic and what takes it out of balance,
  • what are the ideal family roles
  • specifics on how you can tell if your family is out of balance,
  • how you can get back on track (an awareness of where your focus should be), and
  • what you can do if you need help for you and your family.
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Access this FREE download – the full interview with Jonine Lee Gabay…

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