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Despite many of your efforts and help you are not able either to live your life fully or relate well within your family.  Perhaps you have relationship issues with your partner and have seen relationship counsellors together and yet any changes you have made haven’t lasted long.  You both return to your set behaviours despite your best intentions. Maybe you have unresolve issues with your family of origin (your parents, your siblings) or are having difficulties in your immediate family dynamics (children or step children) don’t gell and are at a loss to help yourself or them.  You seem to experience powerful forces that thwart you in your life and feel entangled within the dynamics of your family. Entanglements or ruptures in family dynamics can result in relationship difficulties between:

  • partners
  • parents and children
  • siblings

They can also contribute to:

  • addictions
  • illnesses
  • negative repetitive patterns in our lives

Heal your negative family dynamics

Family Constellation work is a process by which family dynamics are made visible. We use a process to uncover the dynamics of your family relationship that can then be observed and changed. The work is done in a highly respectful manner bringing into awareness any blocks that may be preventing love from flowing within the family system. Specific events do effect family dynamics in a profound way and when left unresolved create havoc for some generations.  This means that some of your issues actually stem back to your ancestors.  When this is uncovered, the healing can occur. Family tradgedies such as

  • early deaths of children and parents
  • war
  • mental illness
  • alcoholism or addictive behaviours
  • divorce
  • excluded family members
  • dislocation from community and or country

If your family history has been impacted by these tradgedies, then it’s likely that your family dynamics are out of balance and you and your children are still experiencing the impact of it.  Contact Vanessa today to see how she can help you untangle the entangled impact of your family history and gain peace in your life and relationships or check out when the next Family Constellation Workshop is being held (on Peaceful Parenting Website).