Last year I did this great podcast with Monique (the Nourished Psychologist) where we covered what to avoid for when choosing food for toddlers or even older.

The toddler years are crucial when it comes to food because not only are you formulating their palate but their brain is rapidly growing and requires all the right nutrients to help it along.  In the podcast we cover 5 foods (some of them are groups) and why it’s good to avoid them.  Many of these foods cause problems in the digestion system and it’s because of that and the fact that we take 25% of our daily food intake to power our brain, that we need to be careful.

Did you know that food can:

  • Affect your emotions?  Many people don’t have physical reactions but emotional reactions.  So some foods can create anxiety, depression and contribute to children melting down.
  • Create inflammation in your body?  Sore joints are one thing, but include inflammation in your organs and even your skin (i.e eczema, allergies) not to mention your brain (fuzzy thoughts, inability to listen or comprehend).
  • Disrupt sleep or create problems going to sleep?  The thing that keeps your child awake at night, gives them nightmares or has them crawling into your bed night after night may actually be food.

If you’re wondering what to buy, (when planning food for toddlers / older children) and have any of the above problems, you may want to listen to this podcast for yourself.  This one is free!

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