Not very well… LOL!

Sorry, had to start that one with a little joke and yet it’s not really a joke. Why?  Because most good EFT Practitioners are fantastic at helping people but really fail to market themselves well enough to get the word out and therefor have enough clients to be financially stable.  There are just a handful of ones that I know of in Australia that are good at doing marketing and the follow up workflow to keep it going.  It’s a different skill from helping people and it requires you to be able to “sell” yourself and the benefits of what you do.  Most EFT Practitioners have the desire to help and are pretty humble about what they do and also have some beliefs around worthiness and the evils of collecting money when you’re doing something you love.  I know this because I mix with them and I was in the same boat.

To be able to make a living out of doing what you love you need to:

1. Be a great Practitioner – Word of mouth makes EFT Practitioners make money!

Without a doubt, being a good practitioner should be your priority.  Being good at what you do actually means you focus on your ideal client, learn everything about their pain and common issues and focus your research, planned approach and results for this client.  EFT Practitioners make money by targeting their niche! Often many practioners try a generalist approach and fail.  Yes, we can help everyone but being the jack of all trades takes an awfully long time, so focus on one area at a time.  Go with the passion that brought you to this modality and help others like you helped yourself.  When you get results, the word will spread like wildfire!

Word of mouth beats any marketing hands down!  Why?  Because we trust a personal reference more than we trust a fancy flyer or any other advertisement.  And more often or not, that testimonial comes at a time when the client really needs help.

2. Have an Entrepreneurial streak – Have creative ways of selling the benefits of what you do to your ideal clients

When we start, we often try and tell people what we do… “I use EFT to release your blocked energy.. blah blah blah..”  What the heck does that mean to the person listening!  Here’s a hint, if you see confusion on their face, you’ve just started speaking in a different language.  You need to simplify and always address the benefits to them!  Ask them what issues they find challenging and then tell them how EFT can overcome that or speak of experiences with people you’ve had success with.  This will make sense to them.

Now being creative is essential these days… we need to grab people’s attention!  So Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media that you want to use, master it!  Learn how to use it to your advantage..  Contact local community organisations and offer your service as a way of complimenting what they are doing.  Set up strategic community partnerships and get out there and talk to people.

All good EFT Practitioners make money by having a good website that is simple to navigate and clearly shows what you do and how to contact you.  People want to know you before they call you, so your “about us” page should be personal, should be written as if your standing infront of them and talking directly to them.  Connect with your clients.  If you need help with your website (and these days you can have simple, easy to maintain websites created quickly), check out (do you like the name? 🙂 ).

3. Get your Admin Processes in order – The daily, weekly, monthly follow up and planning is essential

These are the tedious details in the creative process.  There is no use putting on an EFT information evening if you don’t collect contact details of everyone and follow them up with your workshops or specials.  You should be connecting to your audience on a regular basis.  Email newsletters, Facebook Posts, Tweets of what you’re doing and offering and words of wisdom that help your clients are all part of the administration process.  Keeping your clients connected to you is essential.  Get your processes in place and make sure you create workflows around everything you do.  Again, much of this can be automated if you connect with the right web developer/integration team.

Great EFT Practitioners make money by creating a relationship of trust with their clients which enables their clients to easily refer their services onto their friends and family.  This is done through good marketing practices, creative ways of hitting your niche market and having the processes to support return clients.  If you don’t have these processes in place, get some help, mentoring and start researching what others are doing out there.

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