Resources for You

Here I offer you free resources to get you started that cover parenting and energy psych techniques (EFT and Faster EFT).  However, the best resource for healing is in my free Healing with Tapping ebook which you can get hold of simply by placing your details in the fields below. This ebook is 50 pages and provides detailed information on how the mind works, how we create our memories, how our past can hold us back and releasing belief systems that no longer serve you.

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Free Parenting Resources

Check our Peaceful Parenting website for articles and downloads.

Link to Peaceful Parenting website

EFT Resources

What are the basic points for Tapping?

This video will show you where to tap and the most commonly asked questions of learners.


What are the basic points for Tapping?

This video will address what to say when you’re tapping as most people worry about getting it wrong! Don’t worry, just focus on the feeling and give it a try.

How to use Tapping on your children?

Please watch the first two videos first to ensure you get and understanding of how to use Meridian Tapping on your children.

One Page Tapping Instructions to follow

There are many flavours to tapping (energy pscyh), the most common being EFT. I’ve offered to different instructions here, use the one that feels right to you and something you can commit to. Keep in mind, you will get great results if you tap regularly on all your current issues and your previous negative experiences. These instructions will be helpful when we get together on the phone or via Skype.

Animated Instructions