The secret to good health

If you think of what is truly important to you in all areas of your life – the people, the experiences and even the material things you love having around you, all of these things that you value and provide you with happiness can be impacted by one thing – your health.

If you’re unwell, finding happiness in the moment is near impossible and just making it through the day can be challenging. Nowadays, health is more than just a physical condition, it’s mental and spiritual. Physics and psychological research has recognised that mental health is essential to physical health, because if the unconscious mind is working so hard dealing with the mental challenges, then the running of the ship (the body) comes in second at best.

However, health seems to be the one area we, as a modern society, seem to be struggling with the most. We rely upon the advice of doctors, nutrition experts and a government as to what is right for us in the area of our mental and physical health and yet, that advice seems to change or is contradicted almost weekly! This indicates that we still don’t know what’s right for us, why it’s going wrong and we don’t know how to change it.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the guide by which psychologists and psychiatrists determine what mental issue a person has. This guide alone has grown exponentially over the last 30 years, as have the pharmaceutical options for treatments. The DSM has gone from having just four known mental conditions to over 400, all provided with an over-the- counter drug solution. However, there are many cases where the pharmaceutical option has caused more problems with side effects or worse – death.

The modern western medical model has provided us with great improvements and a longer life, however it too, is to be questioned as it has almost enslaved us by our expectations that it can fix it all. Many doctors now are so afraid of getting a diagnosis wrong they are submitting their patients to expensive, extensive, invasive tests which can also cause complications and long term issues.

In addition to this, our modern way of living has increased obesity, heart disease, diabetes and autism. Prostrate and breast cancer seem to be thriving and as yet, we haven’t see the government or medical model provide any answers to the causes of the disease. Is it what we’re eating? Is it the chemicals we spray on our food? Genetic modification? Vaccinations? Or is it what we are feeding the animals that end up on our table? Is finding the causes of our diseases too hard because it would create a problem in the industry that is causing the problem? Why is the government and medical science only looking for solutions to the symptoms and not hunting down the cause?
This sounds really scary, doesn’t it! What is really scary is how reliant we are on the modern medical system, with the over-the-counter drugs and doctor and surgery treatment options. You may have even ventured into alternative health solutions. However, unless that solution is looking beyond treatment of the symptoms then we are really just looking at band-aid solutions, as the causes are never found that way. Ask any doctor the question “why have I got this?” and they can’t answer that. They don’t know why, they are only trained to treat the symptoms.

The Secret to Good Health

There is another option, but it involves something that most people have forgotten or have never had the thought or option to do and that is to take full responsibility for their own health – mental and physical and stop giving your power away to another person.  You may even be questioning if that is even possible! Yes it is.

Am I telling you not to go to the doctor or hospital if you are ill? No, I am not. I do believe in the value of a good medical system and if you are sick then they can help you overcome the symptoms, but they can’t tell you why your body failed you. Each person is unique, there is no one size fits all system and the medical model is run by humans, which implies that it cannot be perfect. What you need to do is to work with the system but not surrender yourself to it (see the case example below).

You can start by addressing your physical health, but unless you also address your mental health then you are really just working on a band-aid solution. Get yourself sorted out mentally and the body will follow and improve. There is research that shows that our disease and physical issues are linked to our emotions and past traumas. Just think about how your body feels on a bad day, or if you are stressed, how your body tenses up and often headaches occur. So let’s start there.

Mental health is more than just taking a mental health day here and there. It’s a change of your mental approach to life, even under the most extreme circumstances. If you are prone to stress, anxiety, depression or mood swings then the chances are that you have had experiences in life that have taught you how to react in situations and those lessons have not been helpful.

Up to the age of six, we are like little mental sponges and we learn our beliefs and values by watching those around us and by our negative experiences. So if you have a belief as an adult that you’re not good enough and constantly have to perform to a perfect standard, which causes you to be stressed out, self-judgemental and anxious, then it’s highly likely you have learned this belief from an incident in early childhood and it’s been repeated over your life-time. The result of negative belief systems can impact your mental and physical health. Your reaction to life can create stress which turns on the reptilian part of your brain’s fight, flight and freeze response and thus causes the other bodily functions (such as digestion, immune functions and hormone functioning) to take a back seat. If you look around you, how many people do you know who get stressed out easily and are constantly sick or have allergies, intolerances or other health problems? Stress is a killer. Stress is caused by our cognitive approach to the experiences in our life and can be experienced even in the womb (babies react to their mother’s stress).

Our unconscious mind is similar to a filing system, everything is stored away in it and we constantly refer to these files to determine how we react to every situation. You are programmed to respond automatically, which allows your brain to concentrate on your bodily functions. Can you change this? Yes, you can. There are simple techniques that can be used to help you reprogram how you respond and these techniques can be done by you. Some of these you already know, others you have yet to learn, but they are all available to you here, now.

  • Exercise – it’s a fact that regular exercise helps reduce stress and create happy hormones in the body.
  • Meditation – very good for relaxation and helping the body switch out of stress reaction. It requires regular application to be effective.
  • Mindfulness – helps us recognize how and why we mis-take the actuality of things for some story we create, and then makes it possible to chart a path toward greater sanity, well-being, and purpose.
  • Energy Psychology – is a combination of techniques which treat and relieve suffering from emotional challenges such as addictions & compulsions, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, personality disorders, phobias, stress, and trauma and also help maximize human performance in business, sports and the arts. One of the simple techniques is Meridian tapping which is simple to learn and to apply and a fantastic Self Help technique.
  • Self care – this means taking time out for you!  Slow down in your life, reduce your stress and allow yourself some quiet time.  Do activities that make you feel good such as Yoga, getting a massage, getting creative (using your right brain), and anything else that fits into the feel good category.

Now if you are prepared to take control of your emotional health by employing one of the above methods, then you will naturally start taking control of your physical health and seek more balance diet, drink less and stop sabotaging your exercise regime.

So now you know what the secret to good health is… the next step is to find out how to do it. The first step is to find someone who can teach you how and then apply it for yourself. This can be done through the internet (download this free manual) or you can attend a workshop locally that provides you with the ability to learn with others and experience the technique in an environment where you can ask questions and explore.

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