Stop looing for the Perfect Parenting courseRaising children is one of the most challenging tasks we have as human beings!  If you’re struggling then you’re probably looking for the best parenting course to attend… well stop right now!  There is no perfect parenting course!  Trust me… and by attending day workshops here and there and then craving more insight, buying parenting books, applying the rewards system, time out spots, counting warnings and still not having consistent success should have shown you that by now.

Parenting is frustrating, it’s hard, you compare yourself to others and find yourself lacking… you get it wrong sometimes and in your mind that equates to all the time!  Parenting makes you feel vulnerable, scared, guilty, shameful, embarrassed, mortified on a bad day and today’s one of those days hey?!  That’s why you’re here…

But hold on a minute?  Aren’t I a Parenting Effectiveness Trainer?  Hmm… Yes I am…  Don’t I run parenting courses?   Yes I do… but can I let you in on a little secret?

The course I teach is not just for parenting… it’s actually something you can apply in your whole life, in every situation where you need to resolve an issue, get someone on side, manage conflict, deal with meltdowns (and that’s just your boss), build strong relationships, be heard without yelling.  The skills I teach apply to all of these and more.

I am not going to:

  • Talk to you about boundaries and where you should set them!  That’s something you and your partner should set.
  • Tell you how to conduct a sleep program to get your baby into a routine… I can help you sooth that baby with my approach, the routine should be set by you.
  • Tell you how to punish your toddler for punching his sister… I can help you work out the cause of the outburst, address it and then help him see other ways of expressing anger.  Deal with the cause and not the symptom is my motto!
  • Tell you to come down hard on your teenager’s moody outbursts… I can help you easily calm them and get them to open up to you instead.
  • Force you and your partner to parent exactly like each other, on the same “perfect parenting” game plan!  Because that’s not even possible!  I can help you both to understand each others needs and open up about what you need to change in the running of the house.

I am passionate about parenting!  I know we all have it in us to be peaceful, loving, conscious parents.  I don’t think that I should OR want to step into the arena of telling that there is a perfect parenting guidebook and here’s what you should do… there’s no such thing!  We all come from different cultures, spiritual views, we have different values, different childhood experiences which have defined us and what’s important to us… so how is it possible that I give you a one size fit’s all approach?

There are guidelines around what you should and shouldn’t be doing or allowing your children to do already set culturally, spiritually and by government recommendation  readily available on the internet.  Do your research and you’ll find them.

What I offer is the learning and mastering of the essential ingredients for any relationship navigation, and I mean navigation… after all every relationship has its ups and downs and can go completely off track and sometimes transition into something totally new.  What is required at all ages, stages and in all relationships is these 7 essential healthy relationship ingredients:

  1. Empathy – this is so essential to functioning relationships and many of us find this hard to do.
  2. Listening – how can we possibly ask someone to listen to us if we refuse to listen to them.  Most of us are terrible listeners…
  3. Respect – at all ages, we need to respect the other person’s views and experience and capacity to solve our own problems.
  4. Compassion – we all need to feel a sense of belonging and compassion is one fantastic way to show that.
  5. Boundaries – the ability to say no with love, reason, respect and firmness.
  6. Needs – Know what we need in the relationship and know how to ask for it (so you get it), and know how to recover from your unspoken expectations.
  7. Awareness – conscious awareness helps us stay grounded even in the most turbulent outbursts.

Perhaps you think you have these all ready?  If you do, I applaud you!  I’ve been practicing these 7 relationship skills for about 10 years and I know how much practice it has taken to come so far.  I also see the benefits in my own relationships with my children, partner, extended family and friends.  I see how confident my children are, how grounded they are and their levels of self esteem which directly reflect how long I’ve been doing this.  I wish I had found this way earlier in life, it would have saved me a lot of grief.

journeyNow I must warn you.  Once you master these essential skills you will be amazed at how different you look at the world and all your relationships.  You’ll suddenly be more respected, more admired and sought after because you will be someone worthy of talking to!  Trust me it happens… it feels strange to be put up on a pedestal when you know how easy it is now… and you too will look at the challenges you friends and family put themselves through and know what essential skills they are missing.  With a bit of luck, more time with you may mean this rubs off on them too!  I know it certainly has with my family.

So if you’re ready to learn about these essential skills and throw away any notion of “perfect parenting” then you’re and ideal candidate for my Peaceful “Parenting” course (shush!  don’t tell anyone my secret!).



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