It’s a hideous headline, I know!  But unfortunately both the “Taming your Toddler” and “Terrible Twos” terms were coined by previous parenting authors as a way of connecting to frustrated parents and this was prior to understanding how a toddler’s brain works.

So we need to think differently, because we have new information AND we need to change the way we look at our children because of that.  We also need to avoid labels for our children, they do more harm that good.  Instead I’ll help you understand what stage of development they are going through and for that you need to dive into the world of neuroscientist Daniel Siegal.

This is why I did a whole webinar on this subject… It’s easier to listen to, (I’ve also given you the written theory too).  It’s called Ready to decode your toddler?  In it, I cover how the brain works and how to tell if your toddler is doing what they should be doing at their age.  We rename it from “Terrible Two’s” to something much more indicative of what is going on.

I also give you some specific ways to manage challenging toddler moments (which are normal by the way!!!).  It’s really our response that causes problems.  So I give you some strategies to help you through them too, so you get more good times and less struggle.

I also help you with a step by step process to follow to set healthy boundaries that leaves both of you still connected, feeling loved and without the struggles.

Sound good?

It’s worth the $20 AUD investment (which covers my webinar software).

To grab the replay and the step by step process … here it is

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