What is Energy or Tapping Therapy?

When you come to see me, expect more than just traditional talk therapy!  I get faster and long lasting results using tapping therapy.  This mean you spend less time in my office and get the results you want much quicker.

Tapping therapy works with emotions, energy and memories. Emotions are energy!  We feel emotions in our bodies and suppress them when we don’t know how to express them. If we become bad at expressing our emotions we turn to self harming behaviours such as excessive alcohol, drugs, risky behaviour, and burying ourselves in unfufilling relationships and work!  Tapping therapy recognises that if we release emotions and memories then we become mentally and physically healthier.

There are number of tapping therapies, but at my practice, I use:

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Matrix Re-imprinting
  • Family Constellation Therapy

EFT is a blend of eastern Chinese acupressure and western psychology. It is easy and quick to apply, and involves gently tapping acupuncture points to active and release negative memories (energy) within body whilst connecting with the  core issue. By releasing old emotions, it can help you release negative beliefs and troubling behaviours. Sounds simple, and yet the results are absolutely profound.

With Matrix Re-imprinting, we find the root event in your past and then reprogram the traumatic experience to release the emotions, beliefs and behaviours. Matrix Re-imprinting allows us to not only release the emotions from painful experiences in life but to install new empowered emotions around events to give your unconscious mind new ways of responding. This means YOU get your personal power back!

Family constellation therapy recognises that family dynamics and history can impact our mental and physical health and prevent us from having good relationships, perpetuate negative family traits and dis-empower us from creating a positive future.  When you’ve been hurt in your family of origin (and/or previous relationships) you can carry that hurt and suspicion into the new partnership and your children experience it also… so it flows on down through the generations. We bring the old belief system and patterns that didn’t work previously into the new ones until we release them. Unresolved issues in the family of origin are a major cause of difficulty in relationships, health, success and more.  A family constellation session can restore the natural order and  energy within the family unit and restore harmony and respect for each member of the family.

With Energy Tapping Therapy You can:

  • Release phobias, depression and anxiety
  • Resolve stress, anger, grief, sadness or any other difficult emotion
  • Release emotional excessive behaviours (OCD, workacholoic
  • Overcome learning difficulties
  • Improve your self esteem – release that negative inner talk!
  • Overcome chronic illness, pain or disease
  • Help your children with their issues
  • Overcome your lack of abundance (love, money or anything)
  • Stop fighting with your children and partner
  • Heal your love life
  • Overcome your family dynamics and history

It’s not just releasing the negative!  You can also increase your performance in just about anything using energy therapy!  Sports, public speaking, test performance and more!

Why don’t you find out how you can get help today!