I am reading a book called Reconnective Healing by Dr Eric Pearl at the moment and before I began I read the introduction which was written by Gary E Schwartz, a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry & surgery who received his PhD from Harvard University in 1971.  So he has a few mileage points under his belt and he’s clearly got an open mind as well as an analytical mind.  He opens this book basically telling me that there’s really proof to knowing that energy healing is real and there are many studies to prove it.  Why am I telling you this?

Well there was a passage, which I am about to quote, that really got to me instantly… one of those moments where you get a light bulb flashing and an internal voice going… “Of course!  That’s so true!”… and so applicable to every healing situation I have experienced myself or through my clients”.

First the quote and then I’ll explain the application:

The Universal Connection Principle to wholeness and healing at all levels

When I was a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University in the mid ’70s through the late ’80s, I published scientific papers that applied this universal connection principle not only to mind-body wholeness and healing, but to wholeness and healing at all levels in nature (e.g., Schwartz, 1977; 1984).  My colleagues and I proposed that there were five basic steps to achieving wholeness and healing: attention, connection, self regulation, order, and ease.

Step 1

Voluntary attention.  This is as simple as just experiencing your body, and the energy flowing within your body and between you and your environment


Step 2

Attention creates connection, when you allow your mind, consciously or unconsciously, to experience energy and information, this process promotes connections not only within your body, but between your body and the environment.

Step 3

Connection fosters self-regulation.  Like a team of athletes or musicians who together achieve greatness in sports or jazz, the dynamic connections among the players enables the team to organize and control itself (termed “self-regulation”), with the guiding assistance of caches and conductors.


Step 4

Self-regulation promotes order.  What you experience as wholeness, cusses, or even beauty, reflects an organizing process made possible by connections allowing self-regulation.

Step 5

The order is expressed with ease.  When everything is connected properly, and the parts (the players) are allowed to fulfill their respective roles, the self-regulation process can occur effortlessly.  The process flows.

The reverse is also true. There are five basic steps to achieving disintegration and disease: disattention, disconnection, disregulation, disorder and disease.

In a word, connection leads to order and ease; disconnection leads to disorder and disease.

Gary E. R. Schwartz Ph.D     

So the light bulb moment came when I saw the connection in my life…

For example… My husband and my son (from a previous relationship) didn’t hit it off for a number of years and I felt like I was constantly stuck in the middle and not sure how to defend either of them.  It wasn’t much fun for any of us!  However, that all changed when I began studying as a counsellor and voluntarily chose to put my attention into my communication skills and specifically my listening skills… the listening created a level of empathy and therefore a strong connection between me and them instantly!  The on-going willingness to listen to each side (without owning their problems, defending the other, offering advice) gave them the space to cool off and begin to self-regulate how they were going to approach each other.  I also began to self-regulate each conflict experience, so that I only listened deeply and provided an ear so they could verbalise their feelings and then find their own solution.  That process, done over and over again, created more order in my household than I had ever experienced and we went from chaos to ease which is where we are now.

back pain connection to angerAnother example… Last year I had an absolutely hideous experience with my back.  It went out over the Easter weekend and progressively got worse over a number of months until all I could do was hobble around like an old woman.  I needed help!  Interestingly I look to others to find the solution and tried everything medically to help me shift the pain.  It got the point the neurosurgeon recommended surgery and at that point, I pulled in the big guns and EFT Master and a Spiritual Master (Sikaal Vrenssen).  Through session with Sikaal, I explore old family patterns and internal spiritual patterns that needed to be addressed.  Through EFT, I explored deep seated anger from old traumas nicely repressed due to my good girl upbringing.  Through putting my attention on these areas and really noticed the energy in my body change.  I had a deep connection with the emotions that came up and I allowed them to be processed and released.  I really honored the part of me that was intensely angry at the world and by doing so a level of self-regulation occurred and within 3 days of two powerful session, my back pain disappeared never to return.  No surgery, no pain killers… and yet the so called physical signs in my body are still present… yet I no longer have any pain… and that was over 12 months ago…

So how can you apply these principles?  Well I believe if you just focus on the first principle…

  • What do you need to put your attention to? 
  • What can you step back from and really observe, your thoughts, your energy, the energy between you and your environment (family, relationships, work, business etc)? 
  • What do you need to do differently?  Or what have you been avoiding?
  • What support do you need to help you shift this in your life NOW!

And by putting your attention onto a problem area for you for at least a week, watch what a difference that makes in how you approach it!

Or do you need help like I did?  Reach out and get that help today…

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